Chromatic – “Full Circle” EP

Image via Think 2wice Records
Image via Think 2wice Records

In Chromatic’s first release on Kansas City label Think 2wice Records, the natives of Portlandia leave it all out on the dance floor in a flurry of styles and genres held together by the common thread of deep cuts and rolling bass. With deep house overtones and classic garage sounds sprinkled throughout, it shouldn’t be surprising that they also managed to include a touch of footwork and tech house into this eclectic EP with the addition of remixes from the undeniable Andrew Sinclair as well as Druthers & Drips.

Word Up
You can’t get more classic of a garage sound than what “Word Up” brings to the table. It’s difficult to find producers in the states who pump a garage style that feels as untouched and raw as this tune, but Chromatic swings for the the fences on this one and puts you right back in the dark London club this style was born in as if you never left.

Full Circle
Chromatic doesn’t miss a metaphorical beat as the EP moves seamlessly into “Word Up”‘s deeper cousin and EP title track “Full Circle.” As the name may suggest, expect a bigger jam with etherial breaks complimented by booty shaking drum kits and vibrating bass loops.

I’m sure that track three on the Full Circle EP may have been my take-away sneaky winner. See, after listening to this album for about a week, and being a big garage fan, I listened to “Word Up” like it was my j-o-b. It’s tough sometimes for me to relinquish what I initially find to be the winner on an EP and experience the rest of the sounds that it has to offer, but I’m glad I did for this one. [Ed. Note: Think 2wice has given this tune away for free!]

Full Circle (Andrew Sinclair Remix)
Sinclair interpretation kicks Full Circle into second gear with a touch of old school raviness complimented by the deeper vibes that seem to string the sounds on this album together so effortlessly. Sinclair is news to me, but definitely on my radar with this remix.

Word Up (Druthers & Drips Remix)
The addition of a footwork remix on the tail end of this EP is a pleasant one. As if to say, “don’t sleep on this release,” the tempo kicks at the end for a great finish by the boys of D&D.