Introducing Solayo, A Way to Play YouTube and Soundcloud in One Place


If you are at all like us, then you have probably wished that Spotify allowed you to access music only available on Soundcloud or YouTube. The answer to this problem, or at least part of the answer, looks to have arrived in the form of this new free web app called Solayo. Solayo basically allows users make their own web-based playlists that can feature any combination of tracks from SoundCloud and videos from YouTube and Dailymotion. The fairly simple layout of the app also streamlines the cumbersome process of making a YouTube playlist within YouTube. The search function built into the app also means that you don’t have to have 10 tabs up just trying to make a YouTube playlist either. One of the currently non-existent features we would like to see on SoundCloud is the ability to shuffle tracks. This app also allows you to do that.

For people that listen to a lot of music on the Internet and want to have a compact way of keeping it organized, this app could end up being an invaluable tool for them. The app is still in beta so expect there to be some kinks that will need to be ironed out. Even with kinks, this app excites us very much.