Kutz – “Rock N Rolla” EP


We’re so glad to hear the latest release from Kutz with his Rock N Rolla EP on Benga‘s Benga Beats imprint. It’s been a while since we’d gotten new music from Kutz, so hearing that he’s definitely not lost his edge is perfect. He actually falls in line with Benga’s style of dubstep, where you’re treated to tough beats, but there’s an undeniable bounce to them. You hear a lot of four-to-the-floor flavor in this, especially in the anthemic “Big N Bad,” which is nothing but an infectious melody set over a vibrant riddim.

Releases like this make it hard for us to believe people when they say “dubstep is dead;” this is undeniably dubstep, but it’s almost like a new lease is given to the genre. Just like drum & bass, you can’t continue to push the scene by only being influenced by the genre it’s classified under. That’s a recipe for disaster and a trip to an early grave. Dubstep’s better than that, and Kutz’ new EP proves it.

The SoundCloud page for Rock N Rolla says the EP is “available to pruchase” on the Benga Beats Surus page, but it’s not up there yet (and the @BengaBeats twitter says it’s “forthcoming”). Preview the entire EP below, and keep your eyes peeled.