Loose Squares Releases Some “VIP Remixes”


Out today on Chrissy Murderbot‘s Loose Squares is a special release featuring two special remixes of previous Loose Squares tunes. We love remixes, and thankfully these do justice to the originals while putting an entirely new spin on the source material.

The first cut is a VIP mix of Calculon and Austin Speed‘s “Back the Fuck Up,” playing hopscotch between the jungle and juke styles. While the percussion plays a number of different games, from a skittery snare and offbeat kick to more jungle-specific, breakneck beats, the subs keep the time properly, always letting you know where the one is. The flipside features Atlantic Connection‘s Drip alias getting a crack at Sinistarr‘s “Ross,” which features one of the most amazing samples of Rick Rawse on an EDM track that we’ve heard in a while. This one flows like the original’s juke-flavored sound, but turns into a MEAN, trunk-rattlin’ banger. If you whip doesn’t have adequate speakers, you might jack your entire system up with this one. Trap meets juke? We can dig it.

This release is out now on Beatport.