Afrojack – “Ray Bomb”

Over night, Beyonce shocked the music industry by releasing a full-length “visual album” with no promotion. Virtually unheard of, especially for an artist of her caliber. In a similar vein (although not quite as ground-breaking), Afrojack‘s quietly released a video for “Ray Bomb,” which was featured on his It’s A Matter Of… EP… and it’s kind of awkward. First off, we’re in 2013: when is this video taking place? Where would one be finding a cassette tape of ANYTHING on the street that’d a) work and b) be able to be played? Like, homegirl (with a pretty snazzy pair of “now”-looking headphones) just happened to have a Walkman to pop this single in? And what’s up with the blue virus thing that ends up attacking her heart? What’s the message here? If you find a spooky cassette tape on the street, don’t play it because you’ll end up disappearing? Maybe that’s why Afrojack decided to quietly sneak this one out…

  • omg it’s kat.

    yeah that was totally effing weird