Watch Arty’s “Together We Are” Video, Shot by Las Vegas Fans Using Vyclone

Vyclone is an app for your smartphones that “lets you co-create, sync and edit multiple views of a shared moment, effortlessly.” It’s a pretty simple concept, and one that Arty was intrigued by, telling The Huffington Post that he’s “a big fan of technology and Vyclone is the one of the exciting things I have seen in ages… it cuts together different angles to make someone feel like they’re watching a concert or event from everywhere in the venue. What I personally love when seeing music live is experiencing it with other people and their energy.”

In that same interview, he invited fans attending his set at Marquee in Las Vegas to download the app and come to his set, as he’d be making a special fan video for “Together We Are,” which we’re told is the first fan-generated dance music video. The footage isn’t mind-blowing, but it does exactly what it says it’d do, making you feel like you’re there in the crowd, watching with everyone else at that time. It’s a dope concept, and one DAD can see happening more often.