Watch Bare and Tittsworth Eat a Pig’s Head

Of course the headline is enough for us to click, but the conversation that Buygore‘s Bare and T&A’s Tittsworth have in this video is quite interesting. They talk about trap and where it’s heading, and their musical beginnings. Bare also speaks on the fact that most of his live sets consist of house music now, which was an interesting bit of information. But the real carrot for us was two amazing DJs eating a pig’s head.

Tittsworth is notorious for trying just about anything edible (his struggle with a squid was my favorite), and he speaks on eating the testicles and penis of a sheep, and fish eyeballs with his mother. Bare and Tittsworth also share a bone marrow salad, and split the ear, cheek, and eyeball of a pig for dinner over drinks. This one is from THUMP‘s “BFFs” series, and it’s definitely an entertaining watch.