The Last Thing We Needed Was Bono & The Edge Covering Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”

No disrespect to U2; we rock with Joshua Tree heavy. (Or we’ve never heard it.) (We get paid to cover dance music for christsakes.) In any case, at a recent (RED) auction in NYC, someone came up with the bright idea to have U2′s Bono and The Edge be joined with Nile Rodgers to cover Daft Punk‘s “Get Lucky.” Why? Who knows. Who needed Bono to do his whole Bono thing to Pharrell‘s golden vocal? Not DAD. Never. Kudos to Nile Rodgers for adding his beautiful guitar to the mix, but really… c’mon.


(EDM Sauce)

  • controlla

    and who needs the latest daft punk album when only one song is good?

    • khal

      There’s at least three good songs on “Random Access Memories.”

      • controlla

        no,it’s only “get lucky” – the rest are mediocre fillers!

        • The Colonel

          Lose Yourself to Dance, Touch, Doin it Right and maybe Fragments of Time are more than mediocre fillers.

          • controlla

            Yep, the are just crap.

          • khal

            you sound silly.

          • controlla

            no, daft punk sounds silly now :)

  • turky

    this song is shit, i dont know why everybody is saying than this daft punk album and song are good, fuck, is a shit

    • cyberthug

      this made perfect sense and was totally coherent.