Boys Noize Releases Interactive Video for “Stop”

For his latest video, Boys Noize went into the interactive zone, giving you the ability to manipulate your vantage point in 360 degrees. And you’ll want to, as the setting is you flying on the wing of a plane. As the director explained it to Mashable, “I wanted to simulate an embedded camera on the wing of a plane during an acrobatic ballet. It’s a sarcastic video about peace and individualism, with the beauty of war for backdrop, the one you fight sky-high alongside your comrades, almost as if in a club with your buddies, showing off your new kicks and latest dance moves.” We don’t know about all of that, but we’re amped you get to fly on a plane!

Mind you, the above version is not the interactive clip. That’s over here. Watch dude with the big nose in the cockpit.