Congo Natty – “UK All Stars”

Two months ago, we sat in amazement at the awesomeness that is Congo Natty‘s “UK All Stars.” The ability to get a number of talented veteran MCs like General Levy, Daddy Freddy, Top Cat, Tenor Fly, and Sweetie Irie on the same track? Awesome. Getting them to then be in the same video for said track? We don’t want to say this is unheard of, but that’s a pretty amazing feat. If you mess with the ragga jungle, you should have heard of a number of these artists. Legendary status on this track alone.

Congo Natty’s Jungle Revolution is out on Big Dada this July; Benny Page is a featured producer on this track, and other new school ragga producer like Vital Elements, are also featured. If you want to learn more about Congo Natty, check out Uncle Dugs’ Congo Natty History mix.