This is What Happened When deadmau5 Received His Beamz


No matter how much people might want Flo Rida out of the EDM world, something (read: $$$) pulls him back in. His latest forray into the world of dance music has been his endorsement of Beamz, a “state-of-the-art interactive laser controller technology” that “enables anyone to make music by moving your hands through laser beams with pre-programmed songs.” Or something. It’s been called a “laser DJ toy,” and if you can move your fingers like Flo Rida, you can not only “make great music,” but you can “be a star.” Naturally, the EDM community has gone in on Flo Rida about this, and leading the charge has (surprise, surprise) been deadmau5, who has been trolling the hell out of Flo Rida over Beamz. As you can see, Beamz tried to get on deadmau5′s good side, but we’re not sure if they were ready for what would happen if deadmau5 actually received a Beamz of his own… this might be a part of deadmau5′s “Coffee Run” series, but there’s no conversation being had:

We’re wonder how Armin van Buuren’s M1X-DJ would fair in deadmau5′s hands…