Diplo ft. Gent & Jawns – “Butter’s Theme”

Holy multiples, Batman! The video for “Butter’s Theme,” by Diplo and Gents & Jawns, must take it’s vision from the way they twerked the female vocals on the actual track, as a bevy of beauties get repeated throughout this clip. Lots of booty shaking, spread eagle ladies, many times over. This POTATO premiere also raises another, odd point: adding artist/label/director credits directly onto the video. Just adds a more professional, “this is a real media network” vibe to the whole channel.

  • GFunk32

    Diplo: the butter video is an absolute multidimensionally fucking awesome work of art – compared to the flo rida pit “copy”: Diplo’s production is far superior professionally speaking. I see a similar theme but nothing alar copied per se.