Watch Disclosure Perform “Latch” and “F For You” at Coachella

While dance music hasn’t been super represented at Coachella, it seems like every year the bar gets raised. Disclosure is a duo that had a stellar 2013, and started out 2014 on a strong roll. Their Coachella set from Sunday night blended a bit of what got people into them in the first place (performing “Latch” alongside Sam Smith, who’s building a solo career) and what we can expect from them in the future (the surprise addition of Mary J. Blige for their new version of “F For You”). We have a feeling that the next Disclosure album, which they should be working on sometime later this year, will highlight the sounds of both, but come jam-packed with a stellar cast of characters. Check out the “Latch” performance up above, and the “F For You” performance down below.

  • The Colonel

    Mary J may have been the best thing about Coachella, she really is the queen. But what’s up with Disclosure playing that other female-vocal track of theirs without having the vocalist herself (or a quality stand-in) come out? There was a lot of that going on (hello Pharrell and “Blurred Lines”)–just seems wack.

    • khal

      Not sure which tune you’re talking about, but it might’ve been easier to gather people who are in the States right now; I believe a number of their other female-led vocal tunes are from UK singers, no?

      • The Colonel

        Sorry, it was “you and me,” and yeah, I don’t know the solution (Eliza Doolittle was too busy to play _Coachella_?), but it’s off-putting. One minute you’re at a concert; the next you’re at a dance party watching the DJ’s groove to their own record. Or, in Pharrell’s case, nod his head while listening to a recording of Robin Thicke.