Flo Rida Says He Took Diplo’s Tweets For a Joke

Well, that’s that. Earlier this week, Diplo went IN on Flo Rida after the release of the video for his new video, “Can’t Believe It,” saying that he bit the style of the video for “Butter’s Theme” (which we can understand). Earlier today, Flo Rida spoke on Shade45′s Sway in the Morning when the controversy behind the video was brought up. Flo Rida doesn’t go nearly as hard as Diplo did, saying that he’d “caught a whiff” of the tweets. He mentioned that not only had he not seen the “Butter’s Theme” video, but he took Diplo’s tweets as a joke. Sway had mentioned earlier in the interview that the video had similarities to the video for Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” and Flo Rida said once you mention that video, anything other comments really aren’t necessary.

  • David Weston

    hell no…rewind…he said “I took HIM (Diplo) for a joke. what disrespect. All that diplo has done for the scene and this hack and that punk talentless pitbull wanna come take all the glory. please can this guy just do like 50 cent and take his no-hit wonder money to his mansion and leave us alone. please DAD clarify that this bum said he takes diplo for a joke. thank you.

    • khal

      he said he took Diplo for a joke, but the response was to what he thought about the tweets and controversy. don’t make it something it isn’t.

  • David Weston

    when this dudes career dries up he will beg diplo to produce something for him.

  • Earl Needlz Williams Jr

    Diplo has the better video!!!!!! Just Saying….

  • charlie marshall

    ‘Flo Rida’ has been stealing tunes since he started. His knew song contains the bassline from ‘Infinity Ink – Infinity’. Apparently, and this is from Infinity Ink themselves – If they did not let him sample the bassline, he would’ve made an exact copy. This guy has no originality, and is just raping the scene for all it’s worth with his bad “raps”, over other peoples music. It’s people like this who destroy genres. He’s like if David Guetta was a rapper! :L