Jessie Andrews is Doing What She Loves

It’s no secret that the modern-day 20-something is prone to a shorter attention span the the preceding generation, but while that may lead most of us to losing interest in a subject after 140 characters, it has also inspired an unmatched spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that hasn’t been seen since Clinton was getting dry intern handies in the Oval Office.

Enter Jessie Andrews. If you’re not following her career coming up in LA’s disco/house scene, then you probably recognize her name from the way she got her foot in the door: porn. So what sets Jessie apart from the gut wrenching signs of the apocalypse like Paris Hilton? Well, for one, she’s not sitting around and waiting for your approval to do what she loves – she’s making music, playing as many shows as she can get her hands on, and enjoying every minute of the ride. When she’s not curating her jewelry line, modeling for American Apparel, or doing any number of the other gigs she’s holding down right now, you can find her getting feided with friend/neighbor/and LA staple Fei-Fei or pumping out disco tracks on Ultra Records.

We caught up with Jessie at one of LA’s hottest nights for new talent in the disco/house scene, Private Label at Lure, and while we’d love to keep telling you how dope she is – she’s extremely capable of speaking for herself.

  • Jean Burcombe

    Jessie , so cool !

  • Bred Bundle

    i’ve seen nuts busted in her face many a time. <3

  • Robert

    When I heard her remix of “too much,” I was like, man, today, a porn star is officially a better musician than me.

    • Robert

      and HOLY SHIT. she played with GIGAMESH??

    • Truth

      Don’t be too hard on yourself– Whoever did that remix is better than you, but not her.


    at least she knew who the sample was.

  • TopBananas

    she’s got legit tracks on her soundcloud. on another note, she probably has to deal with 100x more bs than most female djs given that she did porn

  • k

    She even says in the video she doesn’t really produce, “I found some producer….” Oh jeez, why are we covering fake producers?

  • Brandezi84

    Can’t find the interview on the page..

    • khal

      you viewing this on mobile?

  • kevin


  • kevin