Just Blaze Confirms 2 Chainz is on a Version of “Higher”

For those that aren’t into hip-hop, know that Hot 97, the premiere station for hip-hop in New York, has a morning show with DJs Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg. They are self-described “hip-hop nerds,” and have a podcast, Juan Epstein (yes, it’s named after the Welcome Back, Kotter character that’s both Puerto Rican and Jewish), where they let their hip-hop nerd flag fly. In this preview of an episode with Just Blaze, they spent some time talking about how Just Blaze got fascinated with purchasing and DJing 45 records. Around the 5:20 mark in this preview, they start speaking about “Higher,” Just Blaze’s record with Baauer that got released today on Priority Records. He mentions why its listed as “featuring Jay Z,” and not only lets us know that there will be a version with Jay doing some rapping, but that 2 Chainz‘ lyrics on “Higher” (which you heard in that “Wig Splitters” mix) are done. He’s also reached out to a few more MCs, because if he wants to have people rapping on a big record like “Higher,” he wants it to be an event. Smart move.

Interesting note: the Beatport release of “Higher” lists it as being on “Insurgency Music.” This is the only release on this imprint, and from hearing Just speak in this Juan Epstein preview, I’m wondering if this is a label of his own that he’s set up through Priority, similar to the deal that Harry Fraud lined up. Things that make you go “hmmmmm.” For now, we’ll wait for the Nabil-directed video for “Higher,” which should be released at some point today.