Watch Krewella Perform “Live for the Night” on “Good Morning America”

It all makes sense. For Good Morning America‘s Halloween-themed broadcast, Krewella were brought in as special guest performers. Not only is this the first time an electronic music act has performed on a major national television morning show, but this is also the trio’s first major network performance. They did what they’ve done all year: brought the rage to the Krew. Their song choice? “Live For The Night,” which is an appropriate selection considering the ghoulish holiday. It definitely gets awkward to see people in suits raging to the hardstyle towards the end, but this is the future of EDM in the mainstream (for good or ill).


  • joey


  • Gabbe

    awkward. sounds artificial and totally out of place. apparently money and influences can buy television prime time. is this what I envisioned for dance music? not really………. assuming that no one distributed molly for those “people in suits” before, it proves that people can enjoy edm without drugs. lmao.