Machinedrum – “Gunshotta”

Not only is “Gunshotta” the opening track from Machinedrum‘s forthcoming Ninja Tune album Vapor City, but it’s one of the more intriguing looks at his current style. That brooding atmospheric vibe encompassing your subs? That’s all Machinedrum. His tracks grow build a fog around you, and the deeper you get into them, the more fear builds within you. “Gunshotta” features some slick drum work, highlighting the jungle vibe that Machinedrum is reviving, but doesn’t feel like something you’d be blasting off in the drum & bass room. More at a footwork pace, this sits in the middle of a few solid genres, crafting a hybrid space all his own. For the video, you get to see how the teenage males living on Gunshotta Ave. get down. Mahcinedrum’s Gunshotta Ave. EP is out on October 14 and features remixes of “Gunshotta” by Fracture and Amit, as well as a massive non-album track, “Stirrin.” And if that’s not enough, there will be a special Vapor City Boiler Room trilogy that kicks off tomorrow night in New York. Three cities, all inspiring the album, with a host of special guests at each stop. Hit up Ninja Tune for more details.