Noisia – “Stigma (Neosignal Remix)”

Have you ever sat in a meeting and wished that your coworkers would break out in interpretive dance? We’re not sure where this idea came from, but for the Neosignal remix of Noisia’s “Stigma,” that’s where they took it, and it’s as awesome as it is peculiar… which is fitting, based on how Neosignal attacked Noisia‘s drum & bass epic.

The timing of this video was done on purpose: Remember when we told you that Neosignal had been shopping an album, a kind of “neo digital krautrock” is how Thijs Noisia described it? It looks like Noisia have signed Neosignal to their Division Recordings imprint, which has been the home of their non-drum & bass output. This will be a beautiful look for Neosignal, as Noisia already has a well-oiled machine going. It will be a different look for Neosignal, but we imagine this will be well-received by the EDM community that already appreciates their work, as well as bringing in new fans who might be intrigued by their emerging sound.