Watch Oneman Live at Boiler Room NYC

Boiler Room sessions always bring out the love/hate of watching these kinds of live DJ streams in me. Sure, it’s dope that you get to see a DJ in an environment you normally wouldn’t be in (you know, because you don’t always have those connections), but it’s rough to see the people behind the DJ milling about, texting, chatting in each others ear, looking around… basically doing EVERYTHING EXCEPT DANCING. And for a DJ like Oneman, who is so animated behind the decks, it’s weird to see him more into the sick sounds he’s playing than the people who got in there to experience things. But I digress.

To celebrate the release of his brilliant Solitaire, Vol. 2 mix, Oneman hit New York for a special Boiler Room set. As you can see by those who were dancing (shouts to homegirl in the yellow shirt), he definitely turned up. He drops everything from Gangsta Boo & Sinjin Hawke’s “Yea Hoe” to HADE + DWFL’s “The Healthiest Man in Chicago.” You need this.