Watch Phuture Doom’s “Phuturism: The Book Of Nightfall”

In another “what the fuck” moment from OWSLA‘s Phuture Doom, their latest release is, of all things, an audio book. This is exactly what you would expect visually, an alternate black and white world reliant on calculated glitch. The storyline is one that tells of a future world where technology and science drives humanity to strive for perfection in order to compete and survive, then becomes a “part of human identity”. As farfetched as this reach seems, one can look at how we use data and communication devices now, and where this could possibly lead us as a society.

Around the seven minute mark we hear Phuture Doom’s “Burn The Knowledge” with some gothic chants in the background, and began to hope to hear a few longer previews of their album. “Black Acid Reign Drops” in around 11:30, then “Han Breaks.” There unfortunately isn’t’ any audio included that we aren’t familiar with, which is a bit disappointing given how excited we are for their Nightfall EP. That said, it’s a really cool visual for their EP, and definitely worth checking out if you want to creep yourself out at how the future (Phuture?) looks.