River Tiber – “The Star Falls”

I’m finding myself appreciating soothing records these days. Perhaps it’s the after-effects of going to shows and festivals every weekend for half a year straight and getting an onslaught of Prydz snares and trap lasers. It’s also possible that I’m just getting old. Every time the summer ends, though, I move back into recluse mode and all of my feels change.

But unlike the generic vocal downtempo nonsense that most majors push in an effort to capture a more sensitive and intelligent electronic music aficionados, River Tiber is doing things exactly as he wants. This meant to be sellable, marketable, or attractive to a broad audience. It’s genuine and heartfelt.

There are hints of ingredients on this record that make a robust dish. Born Tommy Paxton-Beesley, River Tiber gives you a little glitch. A little guitar. An organic bass. Sparing vocals. A splash of white noise. And from what I’ve heard, his forthcoming “Falls” EP is shaping up to be incredible.

If naysayers are correct about the EDM bubble bursting, chill records for people to gather themselves as they grow a bit older and wiser is undoubtedly going to be the wave that follows. We’re going to give you a heads up on the full release next month, but do yourself a favor and check the gorgeous visuals for “The Star Falls” in the meantime.