Watch Shiftee Record His DAD Mix Intro Routine Via Google Glass

One DJ that will never cease to amaze us is the mighty DJ Shiftee. How many DJs do you know that are Harvard graduates, two-time DMC world champion, and is an adjunct professor at NYU? He is one of the heads behind Hot Mom USA, and has piqued our interest due to his bridging the gap between the hip-hop and bass music scenes. We’ve supported him throughout our time as being one of the illest on these Internets, so it’d make sense that, at some point, he’d get down with us for our DAD mix series. And while we had high expectations for what he’d bring to the table, we had no idea he’d be recording his opening routine via Google Glass. You’ve seen Shiftee get down, but not like this! Revel in the beauty of this routine, then get ready for the full mix, which we’re dropping exclusively on January 1, 2014.


  • :)

    why an adjunct and not tenure track….. is it just b/c u want to stay in NYC? or do u not have a PhD? or do you just want 2 focus on music and use ur academic job title for promo for ur DJ career? or are u just lecturing on DJing and that’s why u arent tenure track? sooo confused w.r.t. ur professorship situation…please clarify

    • Shiftee

      DJing is my primary career. Being an adjunct at NYU (as well as an instructor at Dubspot) allows me to teach/lecture on DJing, but still have the flexibility to balance education with DJing, touring, making music etc. Hope this clarifies, peace!

      • :)

        thank u 4 answering love u