Skrillex Hid A New Song In this Takeover Recap Video

Skrillex Brooklyn

There are few trends I like as little as the “after movie” trend. It’s seems no matter how big or small an event or tour is, there’s always an after movie. A montage of slyly edited b-roll footage, sometimes and often sloppily not on beat – just not what I need to see or what needs to be posted on DAD. What does need to be posted though are Skrillex previews. Although it wasn’t quite a Beyoncé, the SkrillDawg just tucked a short preview of some nü-nü. Like some of his previously short Instagram videos, this preview features Skrillex just jammin’ out and going wild to his beats. Can’t blame him because they sound nasty. Don’t skip through this video though as you’ll find that’s actually dope one by itself.

GlenHan stayed with the crew all five days and really gave us an inside look at just went down. International stars DJs, industry execs, managers, friends alike populated these shows and backstage greenrooms and even the decks. This video encapsulates this wild ride and it’s a real treat for both those who went and fans who couldn’t be at the festivities. Skrillex continues to do these takeovers instead of arenas (there’s no doubt he could sell one out!) and he keeps it real with his fans and gives them a close look inside. Oh and he’s rockin’ a custom Skrillex x Brooklyn Nets lookin’ hat and it’s fly. Now if only we could hear the rest of that newness…