Why Do All of these Swedish House Mafia Videos Look the Same?


Maybe they all have the same creative ideas when it comes to their videos, but this is the third video from the former-Swedish House Mafia recently, with Axwell‘s weird tale of chasing these people looking for a party in the Carlsberg ad video for “Center of the Universe,” and the “Leave the World Behind” Volvo ad mini-movie.

Today, we have an interactive video for Steve Angello and Wayne & Woods’ “I/O” track, which they did in conjunction with MiO Energy. In this clip, which you can see on MiONights.com, “YOU” get to play a “choose your adventure” game with Angello, helping him get to a gig. He gets a bit pushy, like it’s your fault that his whip broke down. Is it fun? Yeah, it’s dope to see how much work they put into this, but all of these clips end up feeling the same: Watch this drawn-out ad featuring a SHM member!

We applaud the brands that (seem) to “get” EDM culture, but can we switch up the narratives just a little bit?