The Bloody Beetroots ft. Paul McCartney & Youth – “Out of Sight”

You know what’s weird about collaborations? Sometimes, they sound exactly like you’d want them to sound. Why is that weird? Because we’re not sure if the world really needs a Beatles-esque dubstep track. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t applaud The Bloody Beetroots for getting that Paul McCartney feature – that’s one of the weirdest combinations that we’d never expect. The thing of it is, it’s not really exciting. We get some vocals, we have a chorus of kids singing on the hook, but we’ve not necessarily done anything that another vocalist could’ve done. We have to ask, was McCartney necessary? Are EDM fans buying into this more than they would have if it was another, lesser-known vocalist? Are Wings fans trying to get down to the Beetroots back catalog? We don’t see that happening… yet, this happened.


  • The Colonel

    I read somewhere this is actually just a vocal of his from another, earlier-released track that BB re-purposed for this track.

    In any event, you’re right, this is crap.

  • Cyrus

    The original track is “Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight” by The Fireman (aka, Macca and Youth).

    Can’t blame them for wanting to have a track that says “featuring Paul McCartney”, I guess…