Traxman – “Ever and Always”

It’s kind of difficult to think about what a music video “should” be. Do you go super abstract, letting the emotions evoked in the tune guide you, or is it more of a “we’ll stick as close to the elements of the tune as possible?” The CGI-laced video for Traxman‘s Da Mind of Traxman, Vol. 2 album cut “Ever and Always” does a bit of both. The “ever and always” sample seems to be symbolized by an engagement ring that spins and glistens, but we’re also treated to shots of clouds, a cat, and other shapes (as well as the spelling out of Traxman’s name). Somehow, thrown against the skittering snares and sped-up horns, it all makes sense.

If that album isn’t enough, Traxman recently dropped TEKLIVING, a straight-to-Bandcamp album that features a remix of “Footworkin’ On Air” among the 10 track, $8.50 collection. This footwork thing isn’t going ANYWHERE.