Watch This “Unplugged” DJ Performance

Usually we give TJR props on his production and expert mixes. Today, we shout him out for posting a link to the above video on Facebook. We’ve seen DJ fail videos before, but there’s something about this clip that takes the cake. Maybe it’s the faux-DJ’s enthusiasm in faking his performance. Or maybe it’s the fact that the cameraman was so disrespectful in zooming up on the fact that nothing on the back of this guy’s equipment was plugged in. Whatever the case may be, real DJs are shaking their heads B2B laughing their asses off. Hopefully enough of these fakers can be named, shamed, and booted from the DJ community.


  • kidsthesedays

    This is the shitty thing about being a kid now. You used to do something stupid and it was just a memory for other people. Now you get laughed at all over the internet. No wonder kids are so messed up

  • Polimar

    He’s really killing i though

  • sizz

    Gotta give him props for making it look pretty real though.