Watch A 45 Minute Live Mix From A Tribe Called Red


In this mind blowing Just Jam video, we get a peek into a live performance from A Tribe Called Red.  This Canadian trio has been putting their own flare on electronic music, infusing tribal influence and organic rhythm.  This collective is a First Nation (read:  Canadian Aboriginals) that find inspiring and interesting ways to mix traditional pow wow music with dance music.

We’ve been on Just Jam’s jock for their Beat This series, which tasks producers to create original beats in 10 minutes.  This is a live broadcast of a DJ mix with visuals that was broadcast live.  We hear a stack of A Tribe Called Red originals mixed masterfully with some classic records.

The technical skill and final result are incredible.  We have 3 guys, 3 computers, 2 controllers, and a set of turntables that are all used to create this 45 minute mix.  We just wish there were a tracklist.  And a download link would be lovely so I can listen to a high quality copy of this without comprimising my data plan.  A boy can wish, right?