Watch Borgore Turn Into an ’80s Metal Rock Star

We just heard Borgore’s “Legend” last night, and now Rolling Stone premiered some behind-the-scenes footage of the “Legend” video, which is set to drop on June 11. For the clip, Borgore went all out, changing himself into an ’80s metal god: “I tried to take what is a literal meaning of legend, which is just drinking and doing stupid shit, and translating it into a different story so it’s actually a kid. He drinks, like, protein shakes and milk, things that kids think are gonna make them stronger. This kid just wants to be a legend.”

On top of what looks like an insane video is the remix of “Legend,” which finds Borgore and Carnage teaming up for a hard house banger. Word from Dancing Astronaut is that this remix drops on June 18, which is a week after the video and a week before the release of the Legend EP. We’ll take it.