Watch Datsik Rap in New Video for “Too Late To Say No”

If you read DAD on the regular, you know as much as we love and live for our electronic music, we’re also passionate hip-hop heads. So color us pleasantly surprised when we saw Canadian dubstepper Datsik stepping up to the mic out of nowhere to spit a few bars in his new music video. No one is declaring Mr. Firepower as the GOAT, but his easy-flowing bars are a refreshing treat for those strictly used to his wobbles. Though it’s a surprise, it shouldn’t be completely surprising as Datsik has previously voiced his love of gangsta rap, citing its influence on his music. The video here is for “Too Late To Say No”, a track from Datsik’s latest EP, Cold Blooded. In the video you’ll not only hear the man rap, but see him DJ and how he throws down.

(Rolling Stone)