Download Atlantic Connection’s SMOG Daily Dose Guest Mix


Earlier this week, Atlantic Connection‘s debut EP for SMOG, The Limit, was released. It highlights his soulful, deep bass music leanings; we knew he made beautiful drum & bass, but to see him evolve with these cuts from up and down the BPM scale brings a smile to our faces. In proper fashion, the SMOG edition of MistaJam‘s Daily Dose series was recently hosted by Atlantic Connection, mixing up a GRIP of his own original productions alongside some Love Architect Remixed remixes and SMOG material (obviously). Solid trek through the depths of the bass music scene.


1. Atlantic Connection – Banjee Girl – Slow Roast Records
2. Atlantic Connection – Perfect (She from the Hood) – SMOG Records
3. Atlantic Connection – Push it to the Limit – SMOG Records
4. heRobust x Two Fresh – Throw That – SMOG Records
5. 12th Planet x Mayhem – Murdaaa – SMOG Records
6. Antiserum x Mayhem – So High
7. CulineR – Into Vapor ft. Sisely Treasure (REMIX)
8. Armanni Reign – Wai Hai (REMIX)
9. Atlantic Connection – What I Say ft. Tunde Olaniran (Edgewoode Remix) – ACM
10. Ce Ce Peninston – Finally (Bootleg Remix)
11. Atlantic Connection – Mirrors
12. Atlantic Connection – Fortune
13. The Weeknd – The Morning (REMIX)
14. Flinch – No Alarm – SMOG Records
15. Atlantic Connection – Just Like (Peanut Butter)
16. Cathy Dennis – Touch Me (Bootleg Remix)
17. Atlantic Connection – Clark Kent
18. Atlantic Connection – Take My Number – Deceast Records
19. Atlantic Connection – Life (Camo UFO’s Remix) – ACM
20. Branko – Goin In Hard ft. Dominique Young Unique (FF Remix / EDIT)
21. Atlantic Connection – Watermelon (Calculon x Austin Speed Remix ft. XtinaTamayo) – ACM
22. A Sides – Keep Steppin ft. MC MC (REMIX) – Eastside
23. Atlantic Connection – Boy!
24. Atlantic Connection – Drifters