DAD’s 13 Artists to Watch in 2013: Q1 Progress Report

13 2013 DADs 13 Artists to Watch in 2013: Q1 Progress Report

Back in January, we presented you with 13 artists that we felt you needed to watch in 2013. It's not easy to predict the future, but hell, it sure is fun guessing. These 13, at the time, were in positions where their 2013's were looking bright - or at least the talk we'd been hearing made us look at them as the next ones to blow. Some of these artists have planted themselves at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, while others have had some of their dreams realized. Some still have time to grow, and that's OK, but we wanted to check in on our list, and see how they've progressed during the first quarter of 2013.

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  • a.m.

    this list and the whole site must be a joke. how can you seriously start a site about electronic music when you dont know nothing about that music and maybe know 30 artists, and none of them has something to do with real techno or house. check detroit, check chicago, check manchester, check berlin..learn your lesson. then you will recognize that all you do now is trash. believe me.

    • khal

      Let me ask you something: what brought you to the conclusion that we (I) only know maybe 30 artists? What does knowing about “real” techno or house have to do with it? What makes you think a lesson needs to be learned? How could you consider anyone on this list trash? Why should I believe you?

      Did you randomly click on one post on this site and start riffing?

      • a.m.

        ok..i have to admit that my comment was a bit harsh, disrespectful and not constructive, sorry for that. i have to explan..(i`m from germany, sorry for language mistakes) when i take a look at this site i come to the opinion that the main clientel are younger students, kids or whatever who call themselves “ravers” and wait for the drop in their brostep-whatever-music and think, that “trap” is a movement in techno ( i use the term “techno”, because nobody over here says “edm”, that term practically doesn´t exist over here). so i have to say , that the topics of your journalism and the music you present in here are very superficial. the sounds that are used by most of the artists presented in here are very bold, stereotyped and yeahh..lets call them “cheap”. and main point is that the real progressions and developments do not happen on the surface you are scratching. you have to dig deeper and teach the young folks about the detroit techno history (people like juan atkins, jeff mills or derrick may..they are soooo essential), chicago house or the real european techno scene (people like sandwell district, andy stott or marcel dettmann raise the bar). i would bet my a… that if you ask people like van buuren or tiesto, they would admit that they make “cheap” music for the masses, they know it. thats cool, everybody has his own taste in music, but that kind of music has nothing to do with musical innovations, progression and on and on.

        • khal

          i totally understand your points in terms of the music coming out today. but your assumption about my not knowing the history of dance music is ridiculous. if what gets covered is what you consider “cheap,” that’s an opinion. but don’t assume the staff or readers of this site are people who just got into EDM. i’m not even going to ask you to look around, but we’ve covered everyone from Saunderson to Goldie – hell, a few weeks back we had an entire week devoted to Goldie’s work as a producer and label head.

          and i’m well aware that no one outside of the US scene that’s popping up now uses “EDM,” but i’d also not just use “techno.” i’m from a school that knew genres, and tries to educate those who might not be aware. again, your assumptions can be the antithesis of your point. you can’t on the one hand say “everything today sucks” without trying to educate. instead of saying “everything today sucks,” our aim is to show stuff from today that’s good, as well as provide education when need be.

          thank you for your clarification.

          • a,m.

            alright. one last thing: don`t get me wrong..its not about old and new, today there`s so much great music, i dont want you to do history lessons. its a question of WHAT KIND of music you deal with.and with WHAT KIND i mean the quality, not a genre. i`m not a fan of trance but theres also good trance music (check prurient – “you show great spirit” on yt). maybe i can`t explain every thought with words..check the last andy stott-album “luxury problems” represents everything i demand from good techno. and it works with subtle dirty sounds, it goes deep. greets from berlin.