A Guide to the Electronic Music Producers on “Yeezus”

yeezus credits li A Guide to the Electronic Music Producers on Yeezus

A strange thing happened when we finally got to check out the production credits on Kanye West's sixth album, Yeezus: There were a grip of electronic music producers that helped create this opus, many of which excited us... and only us. Everyone knows Daft Punk, and had heard that Hudson Mohawke was a part of the project (which makes sense, given that he'd signed to G.O.O.D. Music earlier this year), but we were enamored to hear that Gesaffelstein and Arca were rumored to have contributed to the album... we didn't realize how deep it got, though. We also aren't sure how different a co-producer or additional production credit is from a regular producer's credit, nor how much work goes into "additional programming," but we digress.

We understand that a number of you aren't up on who many of these players are, so we decided to give you a primer on these artists; in the very least, you can show off to your music-loving friends about how into the making-of Yeezus you truly are. And hopefully you discover some artists you might not have been familiar with...

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  • Cheatingwhore

    Sure about Gesa’ signed on Zone music label? I’ve always heard he was

    on the label of his friend Brodinski created, Bromance Record.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      He has Zone listed as his label on his site:


      And on his Facebook, which also lists Paris as his current location.

  • Cheatingwhore

    Ok I’m certainly right given the fact that you think Gesa’ is from Paris. “Meeerica”

    Quick fact, he’s from Lyon.

    • RareAfroTiger

      Wow, get off his dick. Is he paying you? Fuck you? Calm down fuccboi.

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