It Looks Like 10-Year-Old Producer Aiden Jude was Aided by a Ghost Producer

The private emails between our team are pretty hilarious. The first response all of us had when the press for 10 year old Aiden Jude‘s single “Tonight” dropped was “who ghost produced this?” Our Editor-In-Chief khal kind of shit on the track, saying it sounded like “Animals” hinting that it lacked innovation, but noted that this young DJ was landing more reputable gigs than 99% of the industry, playing at Lavo in New York and opening up for Mobb Deep in Hollywood.  We forgave that little hiccup in the build (because he’s 10), and gave him the benefit of the doubt on this production, but made several private mentions that the whole scene smelled fishy.

In a hilarious turn of events, the follow-up press for “Tonight” reveals that this song was co-written by Universal artist Carlos Escalona, who has produced records for successful Universal Latin artists Ana Isabelle and Paulina Rubio. Jude’s team somehow forgot to credit Escalona in this production, and the first run of PR for the single made no mention of the assist. In a market saturated with ghost producers, we imagine that Escalona crafted the work for Jude to purchase (Less Than 3 seems to agree), and Jude’s fresh career already has an asterisk next to it.  And while our assumption is nothing more than that, we’re absolutely certain that Jude didn’t create this record by himself.

This is the second time this year that the career of a minor was mishandled by a major label. Cole Plante‘s team still hasn’t reached back out to explain those fake plays, and both of these instances make us shake our heads at the current state of the music industry. Hard work and talent is pushed aside for marketing and budget, and it’s even more disgusting when the pawn for this deceit is a 10-year-old child.  We have no idea why the mainstream market continues to cut corners and manufacture artists that they think are marketable instead of pushing actual talent.  Fixing the industry’s flaws seems like a no-brainer, but what do I know?  I’m just a blogger.

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  • retchy

    “We have no idea why the mainstream market continues to cut corners and manufacture artists that they think are marketable instead of pushing actual talent. ”

    Uhhh, I have an idea…maybe because yall buy into the hype? Yall knew the whole thing “smelled fishy” but it didn’t stop you from giving the kid press.

    Yall (media) have to take some of the blame for why marketing/PR > talent in the dance music world.

    • khal

      Define “buying into the hype.” Posting a story about this 10-year-old isn’t “buying into the hype.” Sure, it’s posting about the ways in which major labels continue to try to pull fast ones, as well as informing people of things like this… which we continue to do on a regular basis. Neglecting it would be a disservice, especially when we can then say “oh, that’s why it smelled fishy.”

      It’d be one thing if we propped this kid up as the second coming. Nope, we said “this song sounds like this other song” and kept it moving. And with the number of producers/labels/etc. that lack talent that we still post about, your stance feels less and less weighty.

    • Michael DjNappy Abernathy

      I can respect this opinion.

      And in a hilarious turn of events, you clicked on and commented on THIS article. But your response is standard, as the average reader spends as much time on the bullshit and manufactured nonsense that we spend 5% of our time covering as they do diving in and sharing the music that we spend 95% of our day curating. Seems like we’re all wasting time here, doesn’t it?

  • Brian Weir

    By the sounds of the tune wouldnt overly surprise me if it was a ten year old.

    • Keith Cetra McClellan

      As shitty as it is not even a 10 year old could make it.

      • Rodrigo Gonzaga

        bro, the songs pretty good

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  • Rodrigo Gonzaga

    give the kid credit, 4 yo’s can work iPads better then most adults

  • Anthony Doud

    The kid’s parents are rich as fuck and buy him reputable gigs/ghost producers. Fucking awful. The Rebecca Black of EDM.

  • Michael

    As a music industry professional that works for a label this article seems off to me. Why would they hire a spanish ghost producer that has no experience in the EDM world????

    Based on Copyright Law Carlos he was probably in the room with the SPANISH girl who sang the lyrics and required by law to receive credit for being in the room.

    Not buying it… and people should really check the copyrights online because I don’t know a single artist that has 100% produced a song alone…

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