Diplo Accuses Flo Rida of Ripping Off His “Butter’s Theme” Video

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Well damn. We were more amazed that Flo Rida got Infinity Ink to sign off on his sampling “Infinity” on his new single “Can’t Believe It,” which features Pitbull and a dedication to ass. As in Flo Rida wants to see the asses of white women AND black women. It’s no secret. While we saw the video, which featured the bodacious booties of many women duplicated ad nauseam, we hadn’t initially realized it, but Diplo caught it quickly: it’s pretty similar to the video for the Gent & Jawns-featured “Butter’s Theme.” He made sure to take it to Twitter and let Flo Rida know that he was a “fuck ass fuckboi” for “ripping off” his video. No word back from Flo Rida as of yet; we’ll be waiting with baited breath.

  • lou chipher

    wow and Flo-rida song sucks. How is that even music

  • http://soundcloud.com/the-colonel-mc The Colonel

    God willing they’ll double KO and we’ll be free of them both

  • Doingitbigent

    And t pain started the movement micheal Jackson was the first soooo who cares

  • Yes I have a fine arts degree

    diplo’s my dude and all, but flo rida didn’t rip off shit- the two videos are in a style that’s reminiscent of Surrealist paintings (see: Salvador Dalí and Francis Bacon). Both videos objectify women in a kind of ironic way where it’s also kind of empowering but that’s it. they share similar influences. end of story