DJ Mag Prints Sexist “Ladies Guide to Pioneer CDJ-2000″ “Joke” in December 2013 Issue


And to think, we were chilling on our frustrations over the DJ Mag Top DJs poll results. Hell, we’ve been just starting to get around to not totally despising Spinnin’ Records for their (now deleted) sexist “CD-J for women” “joke.” That was before seeing this Facebook post from Dani Deahl, who recently suffered her own bout of sexism during a DJ gig. In this post contained a picture that Her Beats scanned from the December 2013 issue of DJ Mag, which contained the above picture in their “Rant N Rave” column, which apparently dealt with “an anonymous writer describ[ing] her experiences as a female DJ – constantly being patronized by men who question her technical skills or knowledge, and the sexist experiences she and her female colleagues encounter on a regular basis.”

That’d be all well and good if it wasn’t accompanied by the following picture:

full djmag DJ Mag Prints Sexist Ladies Guide to Pioneer CDJ 2000 Joke in December 2013 Issue


That’s right, this is a “Ladies Guide to the Pioneer CDJ-2000,” and although they do have an asterisk that points to a tiny “Only jokin!” in the bottom corner, we have to agree with Her Beats: saying you’re “joking” while taking sexist, ridiculous shots at an entire gender is ridiculous. Especially when the “jokes” are pretty fucking weak. How many “um, just go get your boyfriend” or “let a man do this for you” comments do you have to repeat? Why would you think it’s funny to assume that women don’t know that “sync” means “matches?” It’s poor taste, it’s wack humor, and it illuminates a larger part of the EDM scene, which doesn’t seem to be ready to handle the evolution of women within the scene. It’s ridiculous “jokes” like this that destroy any progress that’s been made by the countless females who have active roles within the worldwide dance music scene, from Annie Mac and Nervo to TOKiMONSTA and Dani Deahl, among many others.

Maybe one of these days the companies that are getting the most publicity and making the most money from this scene, which is chock full of women, will start treating them as equal members of the human race, and not easy fodder for “jokes.”

UPDATE DJ Mag has since posted the full “Rant N Rave” column on their site, in an effort to prove that their “satire” is OK. I have no problem with the truth that was written, no matter how much some want to say we’re “removing the context.” We want to see an EDM scene where females are seen as equals, and no matter how much good the article that was anonymously written does, the fact is that the “satirical” image doesn’t help the context. The fact that DJ Mag took the time to write “Only jokin*” gives the impression that someone “might not get it.” If a joke is that funny, shouldn’t it be seen that way immediately, without someone having to nudge you and let you know how to read it? And to echo what HerBeats said, would it have killed DJ Mag to just show an image of a woman on the decks?

  • C.J. Crawford

    I know plenty of guys that can’t operate these things let alone women. Simple fact, this shit isn’t funny. Secondly, this is equipment for professional djs, men or women. The title of DJ doesn’t designate man or woman and there’s no need to make these “jokes” DJ Mag. You want to start some controversy, fine. Put some effort and original thought into it first. I have a few ideas and can help you out if your brains are too dull for it. I imagine shoving cocaine up your face at industry events has worn you down a bit. That’s obviously the case here with your weak attempt at humor.

    • Run Vst

      jimmies are rustled.

    • Adam Saville

      It’s been taken out of context. Read the original article:

  • Mya Hardman

    What the actual fuck?

    • Shantels

      I thought those exact words

  • Adam Saville

    Guys, it’s been taken out of context to gain a few clicks. You can read the original article here:

    • C.J. Crawford

      Thank you for letting me know. I got caught up and took this at face value.

      • Dani Deahl

        To be fair, I knew the context before I even posted about it – and it’s still not satire, but a poorly executed, extremely unclever joke.

  • Acoma

    BTW Nervo doesn’t produce their own stuff. They have a ghost producer

  • Oscar Champagne

    Use a damn turntable. cdjs suck anyway, wow im a pro cd player! Try using a record and not having the cdj do the work for you, its amazing how this one overpriced simple cd player has become so important… and sad

    • Slappy47

      You sound like a douche.

  • Jordan M

    Whoever posted this is an idiot. Did you realize the original article was written BY A GIRL? This article is actually ANTI SEXIST.

    • khal

      Was the image created by a girl?

      • Anon

        The image was posted by the girl who wrote the DJ MAG article to illustrate the sexism she and other female dj’s encounter in the industry. The original image came from somewhere else. If “do Androids dance” had a smidgen of integrity they would apologize to dj mag for getting it 100% wrong.

        • khal

          What are you talking about? There’s only one “image.” It’s the same image that DJ Mag posted on their site that accompanied the article in the magazine. And it’s the same image that was completely unnecessary, and was definitely not funny, no matter how many times DJ Mag cries “satire.”

    • Slappy47

      So your saying just because the article is by a female, its not sexist. This was done in horrible taste even if it is “satire”.

  • Plum Tunes

    This picture as a “joke” in an article about sexism is about as appropriate as a picture of a “Golliwog” in an article about slavery