Spinnin Records Causes Stir Over “CD-J For Women” Post

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Here at DAD, we love a good joke. We’ve made some, and shared some we’ve found on the Internet. EDM isn’t as serious of a business as many would like to make it, and the pranksters and humorous personalities in the scene are always welcome. What if a joke just isn’t funny? What if the joke comes from an entity that’s been heralded as one of the best in their respective scene, and offends a sector of the scene that’s always been looked down upon?

Yesterday afternoon, the following tweet got sent out on the Spinnin’ Records Twitter account:

spinnin records cdj women Spinnin Records Causes Stir Over CD J For Women Post


I “get” why this is supposed to be funny… but I’m not laughing. In a scene where we have talented women on the turntables, from the top-notch selectors like Annie Mac to the turntablist terrors like Shortee to the drum & bass legends like DJ Storm to the countless other ladies who bust their ass to be taken seriously, an imprint like Spinnin’ Records should have some heart. Or some common sense.

Is EDM a sausage party? Definitely. While huge raves and festivals will have droves of women come out to shake their asses right alongside the fist-pumping men out there, the people behind the decks are predominately male. Is it because the women in EDM need to be “cooking their dinner?” No, many of these women are making power moves, producing some of the very tracks we’re all shaking our asses to, and genuinely kicking ass just like their male counterparts. And while I won’t go out on a limb and say a tweet like this, which is sexist and plain not funny in nature, coming from an imprint that’s considered one of the top in the EDM scene? It’s ridiculous, and Spinnin’ needs to be called out.

Spinnin’ hasn’t remained silent on this, with a response on Facebook defending their “humor”: “Music’s all about having fun and this post was obviously not meant to offend anyone.” Hey, I get that. Sometimes you have to just take the pratfall or call out the obvious hilarity of a situation. I’m surprised whomever holds the keys to Spinnin’ social media didn’t take a few seconds to think about this offending anyone, preferably females within the scene that have to deal with bullshit on the regular about not being up to par with the guys who they’re working next to. No matter how “harmless” you might think this is, “jokes” like this from labels this revered can set back the current work of women like Nervo, Maya Jane Coles, Nicole Moudaber, Gina Turner, Star Eyes, and legions more.

Now the label did respond via Twitter this morning, apologizing to anyone who was offended. You can read them up above, but know that they don’t feel sincere, in my opinion anyways. Especially when the offending tweet (and its corresponding Facebook post) are still on the ‘Net for the world to see. Maybe they caught the egg on their face and they’re letting the yolk drip. Or maybe Spinnin’ just doesn’t give that much of a fuck, and will say what they need to say to keep their records playing (and charting), while the progress of the female in the EDM scene has been set back another few years.


  • Boo-urns

    Well done Spinnin keep that male chauvinism alive and well. At least we now know how the label feels about females in dance music. Here’s a thought, just keep that verbal diarrhea to yourself and leave that low brow sense of humor to 4chan.

  • L0GO5

    It must be butt hurt Saturday. People do not seem to understand the point of a joke is the ridiculousness of the reality in the situation.

    And its hypocritcial. How may fat jokes have you laughed at? Black jokes? Asian jokes? Retard jokes? Gay jokes? All huh???

    And the whole “women should be in the kitchen” stereotype is invalid nowadays. I only know ONE girl (in this state) who legitimately cooks. And that makes me sad. So few cooking partners out there, that’s the real crime

  • Barry

    L0GO5 just doesn’t seem to get it. Your post was detailed, except that fat people, asians, blacks, retards (autistic), and gays are all involved in the dance music scene, and don’t really struggle to gain the same level of respect as the females have to struggle to achieve. While their post may have been a joke, it was in poor taste, especially for a label of that size.

    Whether YOU believe it was wrong or not is irrelevant because IT IS wrong. In every sense of the word WRONG. It’s nonsense to oust females and claim they belong in the kitchen, when in today’s society both men and women cook and do jobs of both genders.

    I don’t laugh at any of those distasteful jokes because they aren’t funny at all, so really, your argument is beyond invalid and poorly thought out. Major respect to DAD for posting this and having a well thought out and rational response to it. You guys (and girls, of course) are on the right track. This Spinnin’ post did nothing but set us back in the progression that women struggle to make each and every day in this industry. It’s time that people realize when a joke isn’t necessary.

    Side note – I would buy that turntable for my kitchen because it’s awesome and would be a neat little gimmick to have around. If Spinnin’ wanted to be funny, they should have posted how now we don’t have to sacrifice decent cooked meals to perfect our craft. We can sit in the kitchen and make food WHILE we DJ or produce. Still kind of far-fetched and a joke but way more tasteful nonetheless.

  • SystemsReady

    Oh boy, mislabeling tracks to generate buzz, ridiculous contracts, and now stupid sexist jokes…Spinnin is really proving themselves to be a class act.

  • Trish Tyner

    I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as you’re making it seem tbh. I mean, it was obviously just a joke. Don’t get me wrong, I love that you’re always representing and promoting the female presence in EDM, but it seems a little over the top to say that a joke, written on Twitter, has the ability to set us all back. Jokes like that are told every day whether we like it or not, and no real damage has ever been done as a result of it… in fact the people telling them (including Spinnin’) usually have a couple of females who they themselves endorse, and showing support says so much more to people than a joke that was tweeted. Actually, when you look at the way some other industries treat their females (military, police force, fields like IT and law and etc.), the electronic music industry starts to look like the chivalrous nice guy amidst a group of douche-y frat boys. Besides, out of all of the people I know who work in or around EDM, or just simply love and support electronic music (which is A LOT of people I know), only a very, very select few of them have actually been straight up intolerant about female producers and DJs… which is something that COULD set females back (not jokes but actual hate)… that is, if these people were the majority, which they’re definitely not, and if they were people who actually mattered. Which they’re not. :p

    Truth is, we’re gonna hear those kinds of jokes a lot. But you know what… fuck it… it’s not personal and it’s not a huge deal. Even male producers get their share of hate/being the center of a joke sometimes, just look at Skrillex. People hate on him all the freaking time (and in his case it usually is personal – people tearing his music or his hair or his live performances to shreds), like seriously he can’t ever catch a break… and yet look at him, he’s still immensely successful! At the end of the day, females still have the same amount of opportunities and chances to succeed as we did before that tweet existed. Anyone who was genuinely offended by it is taking themselves way too seriously… I don’t mean for that to sound harsh, but there’s no other way to say it really. We do what we do out of a genuine love and passion for the music, we talk shit and joke around with each other, we support each other, we rage… like you said in the article, it’s all meant to be fun!! It’s one thing to take your music and business matters seriously, it’s another thing to take yourself so seriously that you can’t even laugh at yourself or others or at this type of situation. If your heart is in the right place, your actions will show it… your MUSIC will show it. And isn’t that the most important thing here? The music? Honestly, the way people remember, react, and treat us is determined by us… our actions and reactions and attitude… not the random joke Spinnin’ Records tweeted that nobody will remember in a week anyway.

    TLDR: accept that things like this will continue to happen throughout your entire career but that they most definitely do not define it, laugh it off when it happens, and ignore the actual haters. Just keep doing what you love, keep following your passion, keep chasing your dreams, and never give up on yourself. I pretty much guarantee that everything will fall into place if you do that… no matter what kind of jokes people make on Twitter :)

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      “in fact the people telling them (including Spinnin’) usually have a couple of females who they themselves endorse” which is why they should think before telling “jokes” like this. go ask Nervo how they feel about this.