Avicii – “Wake Me Up”

Um, so yeah. That’s the new video for Avicii‘s latest single, “Wake Me Up,” which hit #1 on UK iTunes in 45 minutes. What did we just watch, though? For some reason, this girl (teen? woman?) is with a younger girl, who we assume might be her sister, walking around some rural town out of an old film. They barely resemble anyone who resides in this place, and realize it. One magical day, the older girl hops on her horse (which is fitted with a Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply saddle) to ride under a bridge and, apparently, into Miami during Avicii’s 2013 Ultra Music Festival performance of this song. Maybe they lived in one of those random parts of Florida? And how did she ride a horse during the day, to hit a nighttime performance, to then arrive back during the day, with her sister/girl still asleep in the bed? Why would they have been so far removed from the legions of people with that Avicii mark on their bodies? Whatever the case may be, there were some keen Xperia Lounge shots as well; you can view the behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the “Wake Me Up” video via their free app (see how that works?).

Basically what did we just watch, aside from product placement and footage of Avicii debuting a number of his #TRUE tracks?

  • David Weston

    Being from a small town I completely get this video. I walk around and look at the people here and totally feel out of place.

    • khal

      are you then able to ride a horse directly to the Ultra Music Festival?

  • ASOR

    Rave culture, especially in the 80-90′s got a really bad rap for drugs and sluts since Main Street America frown upon our EDM’s culture, outlook, costumes, candy, glow toys, binkies… etc… so I guess the chick found a city (Miami) which is a melting pot of cultures which is more conducive to her culture of choice. Hence why she moved at the end.

  • http://soundcloud.com/the-colonel-mc The Colonel

    What’s so confusing? They live in a town full of ass-ugly fusspots who hate them because they’re pretty. So big sis blasts the fuck out of there to join the rest of the hot people at Ultra and do drugs and listen to shit music for three days. Meanwhile lil sis is back in crap village getting whalloped by the assholes, so big sis comes to rescue her and takes her to Ultra to be beautiful and do drugs and party to shit music, too.

    Is it just me, or is the chorus to that song seriously close to being a John Denver song?

  • jelena filipović

    anyone knows who is the girl in video ?

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      that might be the million dollar question.

      • Юлия Овсянникова

        She is а russian model Kristina Romanova (Кристина Романова)

    • cookie231

      khristina romanova is the older one. laneya grace is the younger one

  • TheWorldHatesYou

    Whats the native american looking girl name?