Watch Grandmaster Jay’s Horrible Attempt at Redeeming Himself

Beamz had already been (literally) destroyed by deadmau5 and written off as a joke before their alignment with gentleman by the name of Grandmaster Jay ruined their reputation completely. Anyone that knew anything about music wished everything and everyone involved with this train wreck would just go away. But instead of shamefully walking away, Grandmaster Jay posted a video on his on YouTube page as evidence that he’s an actual DJ. We’re of the opinion that he shot himself in the foot and proved otherwise.

In what might be one of the most horrible recorded routines I’ve heard since, well, my routines in high school, Grandmaster Jay pulls some of the most amateur turntablism I’ve ever seen. Scratching without the use of the crossfader. Fumbling with his headphones. I’ve never seen anyone look so awkward while beat juggling. Funnily enough, comments are disabled on this video. It’s been ripped and posted on DJ Fails, where you can see an overwhelming negative rating and tons of (well deserved) hate. And while we love the fact that someone is trying to keep their scene alive, it would help if they actually had some skill to bring to the table. I don’t know how much longer we can keep shaking our heads at this one.

UPDATE DJ Iceman’s words on Grandmaster Jay and Beamz is essential.

  • Rocky P

    yo fuck grandmaster j. fuckn black fagget scumbag. he can eat a dick.

    • Bruce

      you know a black dude wrote this article right?

      • Michael DjNappy Abernathy

        gotta love the internet.

    • Rocky P

      Rocky P was born with two butt holes.

  • Fuzz

    For real though I had better routines on my old second-hand Gemini XL-500′s with super weak platters and a mixer with a crossfader broken due to spilling beer.

  • Justin Welfed Whitely

    Well least he has the balls to post it.. can’t get better if you’re not doing it. =D

    • Provider Musick

      He is gonna win troll of the year. watch

  • DJGaryB

    This guy is a fucking tool and should just disappear now. Sometimes you just gotta know when to fold and walk away from the table. He claims he was a military man then have some fucking integrity to us, your former brothers in arms and just do the right thing and just disappear now.

  • James Godin

    LMFAO this is the worst DJ since Pauly D, and thats pretty horrible.

  • James Godin

    LMFAO this is the worst DJ since Pauly D, and thats pretty horrible.

  • Guest

    Im not sure I know what DJ Iceman is saying.

  • Mr.Fergueson

    I’m not entirely sure that I know what DJ Iceman is sayin.

  • GMJ

    WtF is this shit???

  • Ju ju ju josh

    Do you know what i am saying?

  • DJ Mixtron

    I just saw this Grandmaster Jay in Cleveland and began researching him and all the drama he stirred up this past November. Ive read a ton of negative and positive stuff about this dude that has come out in the last two months and I must say that he has gotten more publicity than any other dj I have ever seen. The Beamz demo he gave was actually pretty solid with the turntables and Serato together. I wouldn’t use it though. But it seemed more people were interested in him rather than the gear. I saw the new video he just posted and read the interview he gave to some magazine and now it all makes sense to me. This was an Old School dude that got back in the game and did it by hook or crook.I don’t jump on bandwagons without doing my research and Im not biggin this guy up for how he did it but see for yourself. A lot of us are just hearing the name Grandmaster Jay outside of the hardcore dj world for the first time minus the drama. Watch this video is at The magazine interview is at Is this guy the next Paris Hilton level Celeb DJ?? He’s gettin booked!

    • khal

      “Is this guy the next Paris Hilton level Celeb DJ??” You ask that like it might be a good thing.